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Company Facts :

compuset-LogoCompuSet is a leading Saudi business-to-business ("B2B") reseller of personal computer ("PC")

 software and hardware with sales focused on the small and medium size business ("SMB") market.

 Founded in 1992, CompuSet today is one of the leading software reseller in Saudi Arabia.

compuset-LogoCompuSet sells PC software by way of volume licenses and shrink-wrapped, full-packaged products.

 The use of software licenses among corporate customers has grown significantly in the last several years

such that the sale of licenses now accounts for more than 60% of the Company's business.


compuset-LogoCompuSet is a high volume, cost-efficient supplier of software licenses and products,

 offering comprehensive pre-sales licensing, and consultation.

 Licenses sales now account for more than 75% of total sales.

Key designations with Microsoft, Trend Micro, AVAYA, Adobe, Autodesk, MSONA and HP

compuset-LogoCompuSet has key designations with the leading software publishers which provide the Company with pricing

advantages and broader product range .

Business Value :

 Our solutions are more driven by the business achievement than by its mere technological excitement.

 We at  compuset-Logo CompuSet keep up to date on the newest technologies and suggest and develop the most effective

 solutions for our clients.

 There is a consultative approach and not the old coercive one.

 No one brand of technology is promoted or no particular vendor is suggested.

The client is involved in all the processes of development as he chooses,

And he will be provided with guidance to what “best- fit” his environment.